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Pictured are the Trappe family's two sets of twins. (Photos by Missy Trappe)

By Rachel Mergen


Most couples feel fear when they think about having twins with their first pregnancy, with the thought of that first child being overwhelming enough. Nathan and Missy Trappe, of Monona, Iowa, had a response defined by excitement when they learned the news. Their first two beautiful daughters were born six years ago, named Kinley and Trinly.

The second pregnancy they were overjoyed to welcome another pair of twin girls, Emerie and Kelbie, to their growing family.

One more addition came later, an opportunity for the four girls  to be “mother hens,” according to Missy, when a baby boy, Braycn came along. He is now 18-months-old. 

The story of the Trappes’ growing family began with an early ultrasound, a surprise that would add great amounts of love and craziness in to their lives. 

With a hard working Nathan, who owns five businesses including the newly-opened Wausau Homes of Monona, family was a priority focus for Missy. 

She became a stay-at-home mom, taking care of her little girls and son. In the beginning, she faced the challenge of not being able to have a large support group to help her with the children. She and her husband are a distance away from their families. Nathan was doing his best to balance family and work.

Missy had to learn quickly after Kinley’s and Trinly’s births how to be a strong mother who was to be reckoned with. After five children, it’s hard to disagree with her mothering skills. 

Currently, she has her summer days down like a professional, even though she can never say that one day is exactly like another. 

“One day at a time,” Missy reminds herself and other mothers. Her and her children’s mornings, during the summer at least, are very laid back, with breakfast and cartoons starting off the hot days. 

Next comes outside activities, ranging in variety with chalk being one of the favorites. Outside the house, toys can be found in the yard that thrill the children, along with colorful masterpieces on the sidewalks.  

Lunch is cooked, the children take their naps and then another activity fills the afternoon each day. There is never a boring moment in the home, as the children always have a friend in their siblings to play and enjoy life with. 

Some of the children’s favorite activities are going to the pool, spending time in the library enjoying books and playing with Barbies. 

Before this summer, the children took the opportunity to make their own bucket lists. Missy and Nathan are doing their best to accomplish as much as they can on the lists. 

Each sister has her own personality, with one twin in each set being the leader, while the other is laid back and goes with the flow more often. 

When the children were smaller, Missy enjoyed dressing them in similar clothing but, she noted, as they age, she has allowed them to branch out with their own style choices.

The attachment that Missy sees in the sets, a very special bond not all sibling have, is something she hopes the children will keep for the rest of their lives. 

Now, when the children are in school and separated into two different classes, she’s been told, during any time they have together they spend it like best friends, not just two siblings bound together by blood. 

To help clarify the children’s own lives, not just being constantly thought of as one unit of twins, Missy makes sure to have separate moments and outings with each child. She wants them to be able to develop their own one-of-a-kind memories and interests.

Missy enjoys when her parents can travel and stay with them for a few days. 

She also finds comfort in online Facebook support groups, where she can talk to fellow mothers who have twins and face the same situations she does. She has traveled recently to Orlando to meet with multiple other mothers who are in the same position as her, which she’s enjoyed immensely.

“I think twins are easier than singles,” Missy admitted, especially when twins are the first pregnancy, as the parents know nothing else except that “beautiful challenge,” a statement that may be comforting to mothers who just learned they will be having multiples. 

She noted her son seems much busier than her daughters ever were, as they always had a sibling their age to play with.

She did mention one of the difficulties for the twins is when one is better at something than the other, like a sport. Because they are the same age, there is a competitive edge at times within the sets. 

To new mothers, she advises they work on keeping well-regulated schedules as best as possible and to listen to the children and what they are interested in, so they can have the happiest childhoods possible, while still being realistic about what is agreed to and done. 

The Trappes’ goal as parents are to raise “good children that are happy and kind.” Never is this an easy task, but they attempt  to simply walk away for a few moments when overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and focus on their love for their children that cannot be affected by any disobeying behaviors.

They are thankful for being able to see the reactions of their daughters when their brother was born, the immediate love and protection they felt toward him, taking the roles of mini-mothers. 

They are grateful to be able to hear their giggles every day, along with their carefree innocence as they enjoy their young lives. 

Their appreciation for the little things in life is a beautiful gift, especially when they can spend those simple moments with their  born-to-be best friends: their twin sisters.

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